Green Hunt became a Red Hunt

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Some of you must have heard about the slaughtering of the policemen by the Maoist in the neighboring state of Jharkhand. About 76 Central Reserve Police Force members have been killed in a guerillas attack of the naxalite. The Maoist enticed the CRPF team into a trap and butchered 80 police men in two separate ambushes in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh. This was the biggest attack by the rebels in the history of naxalism in this area. The police received an intelligence message about the presence of the Maoist in the area and they were on their way to four days search operation. But the Maoist were more clever than the police. They were keeping surveillance on the activities of the police and installed mines in their way of operation. Unaware about all these things the police team were trapped and killed.

The Central government has started operation named GREEN HUNT in the Maoist affected area in the country including our state Jharkhand  to eliminate them. The state govt. is supporting in this operation of the anti naxal movement. But in lack of proper training of the policemen and the strategic plan as well as the lack of political will of the govt. This Green Hunt movement has become a RED HUNT operation.The naxalites are in comfortable position in the forest. They are very friendly with the geography of the area  and with the villagers but the police are not acquainted with the geography of the area and friendly with the situation in the villages. This is one of the most important reason of the unsuccessful mission of the govt.

Jharkhand has also experienced such kind of incident and people are still scared about it.Since the formation of this state on 14th November 2000 till 10th March 2010 it has faced 3291 Naxalites incidents . About 1931 people (1069 are civilian, 389 policemen and 473 naxalites) have been killed in these incidents according to the govt. sources. It is obvious that the civilians are in deep trouble.They are the victim and both the govt. as well as the naxalites claiming to be the well wisher of the common people. For what purpose and for whom the naxalites are fighting. Will they bring about some positive  changes in the society.

According to me only one thing can stop  the ongoing problem is that the government should work on the socioeconomic and political development in the affected part of the country with dedication and determination .

At last we wish for the better situation in the country.

Thanks, with regards

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