Newsletter from Jagriti Vihara February 2019

Dear friends,
This is the first letter from us in the absence of Jayaji. It has been difficult to go ahead without the guidance of Jayaji. We used to go to him for his suggestions on various issues but now there is emptiness everywhere. The light which has been illuminating our hearts for decades is no more and there is darkness everywhere. The place where we used to go to seek solace is empty though he is alive in our hearts and guiding us at every steps. We are trying hard to come out of pains and sadness and hopefully with his blessings we will go ahead with the same zeal and enthusiasm.

The school girls came to Jagriti Vihara and were provided all possible facilities so that they can get proper education. Earlier  when they were here they used to get lessons from Jayaji (DadujI) and now they feel emptiness . They were so much attached with him that it was hard for them to accept the truth that their beloved Daduji is no more with us. Presently they have gone home and preparing for their examinations. They are getting all possible support from us for their studies.

Saloni who has been suffering from a chronic disease , Piles, has now been successfully operated in a hospital in Ranchi . She has been discharged from the hospital and now taking rest at Jagriti Vihara . She is feeling good now and hopefully will recover soon.

Anjani is presently not at Jagriti Vihara. The hospital project is running on hired doctor and the staffs. We are now looking for a new doctor.

We are not fully prepared/ready with the contents for the website in English. When we are ready we will certainly write to you for your assistance.

We have cleaned the area of the memorial of Jayaji together with the library buildings. We have already discussed our plans with you. Not much have been done so far. We will proceed with the project when we will have some funds for that. As you know the doors of the library are destroyed by the termites and needs to be replaced and it costs money. We have to wait until we have money for that.

Visitors keep on visiting Jagriti Vihara form Ranchi and other parts of India and we try to provide them sufficient information about  the aims, objectives and the activities of our organization.

We had a very cold winter this year.  We could see the frost out side of our rooms. Nights are still very cold.

Convey our warm greetings to all our friends and supporters.
Informationsgruppen vid Jagriti Vihara


Newsletter from Jagriti Vihara May 2019

Dear friends, Namaste!
After the sudden demise of Jayaji  the situation at Jagriti Vihara and in Sweden has completely changed and in this changed situation we have to find the ways to strengthen our cooperation in a positive manner. Now we can assure you to provide the information about the activities of Jagriti Vihara on regular basis.  We have had several meetings with the members of Jagriti Vihara and have discussed about the future plan of our organization.

We have several meetings with the villagers and the supporters  about the projects of Jagriti Vihara and have received encouraging ideas and opinions from them. As usual they are  cooperating  with us to carry out our activities in the villages. Regarding the school project we have received some suggestions and  ideas from the parents and one of them  is  to support the girls students of the schools which Jayaji  supported during his life time.  We have visited and discussed the ideas with the school teachers and they are ready to cooperate with us in educating the poor school children. Teachers from each school will select the girls ( class 8,9 & 10) on the basis of  their subject wise  knowledge and their need . They will  form a group of students in each school and send them to JV  and we will provide them the facility of teachers and teaching materials as per their requirements.   Hence we will be able to provide the educational support  to about 50 students per year. After the summer vacation we will start the project and will send you the information about it.

As you know we didn’t have a permanent doctor at the health centre but now we have got the message from the doctor that he will resume his service in June 2019. Now we will be able to  provide health facilities to the villagers regularly from June.

Meetings with the women groups are going on regularly. In the meetings they generally discuss about the education of their children, crime against women, domestic violence, functions of the Gram Panchayat, Electoral process at local as well as national level, health & hygiene of pregnant women and children and mutual cooperation to solve  domestic problems etc. During the discussions the experts from Jagriti Vihara try to help them find the solution of their problems. The villagers extended their thanks and gratitude to Jagriti Vihara for organizing such meetings with them. It helps them strengthen their mental ability to analyze the situation and find the ways to its solution.

Last week we had stormy days in our region. Due to storm the power supply has been disrupted. Electrical wires have been  broken in our campus and there is no electric supply in the campus. We have repaired the lines upto the pump house so that we can get drinking water in the campus and we are now trying to get the rest of the electrical lines repaired soon. Due to the scarcity of experienced electricians it takes time to find them and get the work done.

Temperature are increasing everyday. Its about 42 degree C at our place and we don’t expect any relief  during the week. The forecast of arrival of monsoon in Jharkhand is late by one week. We expect  the arrival of monsoon in Jharkhand by 15th of June. Not good for the farmers.

We have also discussed about the maximum utilization of buildings at Jagriti Vihara. We are planning to use one of the buildings of the skill training centre near workshop for meeting, seminars and trainings  of the women’s group (SHGs). We are looking for the possibilities to reestablish the centre for Adiwasi culture/ Sarna at the ground floor of the big building.

The process of establishing a memorial of Jayaji is going on. We have cleaned the area and the library building. Some repairing work is needed at the centre that will be done later when we have funds for that.

As you know India had voted for a new government at the centre. It was a very long and tiring electoral process.  There was the counting of votes today and the present government has won the contest and is going to resume its office for the next five years. Hopefully they will do some good work for the farmers and the common people of our country.

Everything else is alright.
With very warm greetings,
Team Jagriti Vihara

Newsletter from Jagriti Vihara September 2019

Dear friends,
After a long and scorching heat season the monsoon has finally   arrived in our region. Farmers have started agricultural activities in their field very late because of the late arrival of monsoon in Jharkhand . We have 22% less rain water so far and  the farmers  are very much  worried about their crops. It has been raining heavily for few days  but again there has been dry for some days. People are not very optimistic about the monsoon rain in Jharkhand. It happens every year . Crops are either ruined  due to excessive rain or die because of insufficient rain water.  You must have heard about the devastating  behavior of the nature during the monsoon in India. Some part of India is flooded with water and many people lost their lives and property and some part is still waiting for sufficient rain water.  We still hope for a good monsoon in Jharkhand.

Doctor in the Hospital are regularly  giving his services to the villagers. He has made several visits to  the villages to study  the health condition of the people specially women and children and provided medical treatment to them. We are getting good response from the villagers. They are happy with the services being provided to the villagers at their door step.
Core group of Jagriti Vihara has made several motivational visit to the villages around Jagriti Vihara and has organized meetings with the women of the SHGs. They have discussed the issues related with their activities and their family life. They expressed their  experience and feelings very clearly. The core group members provided them good suggestions and tried to find out some solution to their problems. Meetings took place in a very peaceful  atmosphere. They have also been provided some support to extend their activities to some other villages. Farmers have been provided some expert support to   improve  their agricultural  skills. Farmers have been given sufficient knowledge of the new technologies being utilized in farming . They were happy to participate in such programmes organized by Jagriti Vihara.

Core group of Jagriti Vihara has  also made  some visits to the  schools in the locality to provide  educational  awareness and motivations to the school children. The students  have also been given knowledge about the use of new technologies in the field of education. We were happy to see  the educational improvements in the students . They were asked some questions and they answered the questions very cleverly. We were surprised to see the way they asked questions and interacted with us. We felt that there are some positive improvements in the students but at the same time many  more has to be done in this field.

Friends, as you all know we have been facing some financial shortage at Jagriti Vihara for some time. Boundary/Fencing  walls of three sides  of Jagriti Vihara  are partly damaged  due to heavy rains. It was repaired earlier but  damaged again. The walls of the three sides of JV are not a cemented wall . It is made of bricks with mud and it is washed away in monsoon. Some buildings also need some repairing. But it costs money. We know it is very difficult to raise funds for these activities but it is also wise to let our friends know the problems .

Everything else at Jagriti Vihara is alright and we all are sending our warmest greetings to all our friends and supporters in Sweden and also in Norway.
Team Jagriti Vihara


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