Newsletter from Jagriti Vihara February 2018

The Core group of Jagriti Vihara visited the villages in the neighborhood of Balbal and Bisunpur. The purpose of visiting the villages was to get the Self Help Groups assembled in one of the villages to facilitate interaction with one another . The women themselves took initiative to organize a Seminar on the Role of Gram Sabha (Village Assembly) and Gram Panchayat (Village Council). We were glad to observe that some of the women were very good in analyzing the functioning of the Gram Panchayats in the region. Quite a few male members of the Gram Sabha participated in the Seminar and they listened to the women speakers with much attention and now and then appreciated the enthusiasm and the organizing capabilities of the leaders of the Self Help Groups of women.

During the tea time the participants looked at the products made by the groups. The display of the products was appreciated very much by the villagers who bought some of the articles such as soap, washing powder, pickles and leaf mats. Some of the ex- pupils were also seen looking at the articles for sale. They made good use of their pocket money to buy the articles produced by their relatives. We, the observers from Jagriti Vihara, towards the end of the Seminar approached the girls and greeted them. They, in return greeted us and expressed their thankfulness for their education they had received at the girls’ school of Jagriti Vihara.

This year our 18 girls who have lived in Jagriti Vihara hostel and made preparations for appearing at the final Secondary School Examinations, 2018 seem to be very optimistic about the result of their studies. The only subject that they are slightly pessimistic about is English which they found difficult to study as the books were voluminous and besides that the course was not completed till the last semester. Any way, all of us hope that they will do well in the examination which begins by the end of the first week of March.

The usual activities of Jagriti Vihara are proceeding as expected. Kashinath has been taking care of the plants and vegetables growing in the two fields of Jagriti Vihara. As Geeta has been sick Saloni has had to take care of the kitchen all alone for several weeks. She feels tired and weak now.

The winter has been bitter cold this year. We in northern India have been experiencing the bad results of the climate change. We are now waiting for the Spring when we will see new leaves on the trees. Just now the old leaves are falling from the trees and all the paths are full of old and dry leaves. Thanks to the girls who frequently clean the paths and make them look tidy .

All of us at Jagriti Vihara including our pupils send you our regards and warm greetings. The information group of Jagriti Vihara