Newsletter from Jagriti Vihara February 2013

Since the beginning of January it has been foggy, windy and very cold in our part of the country. Several deaths due to cold wave have been reported. Jagriti Vihara has distributed new clothes among the poor and needy. Our government has not succeeded in alleviating the poverty and its consequences in the rural areas of our State. Even the plight of the people living in the slums of ever growing cities has remained unchanged . Another sad thing is that our state, since the beginning of its formation, has suffered from the instability of the government. The Arjun Munda government has been toppled and the President rule has been imposed in Jharkhand.

The whole country was shocked to get the news that a girl student, while travelling by a bus in Delhi in the evening of 16th December was gang raped and brutally mishandled. Long after she was thrown out from the bus and was found lying unconscious in a street. She was taken to a local hospital where she died. Since then there has been protests and demonstrations all over the country against the Administration which has failed in getting the crime against women reduced . Jagriti Vihara has also tried its best to spread awareness about violence against women . Our organization has resolved to work for getting both women and men united to do all that is possible for the empowerment of women in all walks of life.

We are making efforts to open the proposed girl school in the beginning of April. We have collected several ideas and opinions from the parents of the villages around us but the plan has not been finalized as yet. Some teachers have already been interviewed but none of them is willing to work for less than 16000 (nearly 2000 SEK/NOK) rupees a month. Besides the remuneration they need residential facilities .

The building of the health centre/hospital is almost ready for use but we have now to procure necessary equipments and appoint a doctor, a nurse and a lab technician. We have advertised our requirements in the news papers and are waiting for response.

The new doors have finally arrived at the JV guest house. But it will take at least two weeks to fix them after removing the old ones .

Jayaji will be in Sweden in the second week of March. He wishes to see our friends and supporters during his stay in Sweden. As he is still having some health problem he will most probably undergo a medical check up again.

For Jagriti Vihara,
Lucy, Sushil and Rajesh
(Information group of Jagriti Vihara)

Newsletter from Jagriti Vihara May 2013

A very hot summer
Our state, Jharkhand is facing a very hot summer this year. Summer season has just started and the temperature has rose up to 42 (+) degrees Celsius and it is still rising. The terrible hot winds are blowing. The water level has gone down by two to three meters. There is crisis of drinking water and cultivable water everywhere in the state. In this terrible hot summer people of this state is also facing acute shortage of power supply. We are fully dependent on power generator to maintain the water supply in the kitchen and in the hostels. It is very expensive and we can’t afford to run the generator regularly because of limited means. This is a great cause of worries for us. We hope that the monsoon will start by the middle of June. We are also hoping for a good monsoon this year.

We are very sad that we are not going to harvest mango this year as expected. We had a very big storm that turned our hope disappointment. Almost all the small fruits and many of the branches were destroyed by the storm. We are now thinking of removing the branches of trees fallen on the paths.

President rule
As you know the state of Jharkhand is under the President rule. The State Legislative Assembly is under suspension. There is a slight improvement in the Law and Order situation in the state in comparison to the former government. The political parties are blaming each other for the suspension of the elected coalition government. They are not in a position to pressurize the governor to declare a fresh election in the state. We hope that the parliament will soon declare for a fresh mandate in the state.

Searching for doctor
We are trying hard to find a suitable doctor for the health center of Jagriti Vihara. We have posted advertisement in the internet and are happy to know that the applications have started coming to our mail address. A team of doctors in Ranchi will scrutinize the applications and called the applicants for interview. Hopefully by the month of July we will be able to find a doctor for the center to start it functioning.

Searching for teacher
We are working hard to open a girls’ school in the campus of Jagriti Vihara. The classrooms are ready. Regarding the furniture we have decided to shift temporarily some benches from the meeting hall. We have to appoint at least two full time teachers. Regarding the names of the teachers we have some suggestions. We have to interview the teachers and then make a list of both the teachers and the pupils. Hopefully after summer vacation, by the middle of July, we will be in a position to start the school for girls in our campus. Everyone at Jagriti Vihara seems to be very eager to start the school for girls who are willing to get education. The school project , as we expect, will be a great step towards the empowerment of women. We all hope that with your cooperation and support we will make it possible.

The wall
The construction of the compound wall is also under consideration of the Executive Committee of Jagriti Vihara. As soon as we procure money and materials for construction we start the work as advised by Jayaji. He has arrived in Delhi and waiting for tickets for his journey by train to Ranchi. As soon as he arrives at Jagriti Vihara we will finalize the schedule for meeting with the builders from Korri to start the work for the compound wall. They have already worked to fix the doors at our guest house.

High prices
The prices of food articles are still very high in Jharkhand. Poor villagers can not afford to buy essential commodities from the open market because of the price rise. Our government announces many programs to control the price rise of essential commodities but unable to fulfill their promises. This is a very disappointing situation for the poor villagers.

With Warm greetings,
On behalf of the information group
and the Executive Committee of Jagriti Vihara


Newsletter from Jagriti Vihara August 2013

We, the entire group of workers at Jagriti Vihara, express our deep
gratitude to our friends and supporters whose contributions made it possible for us to carry out our plans and programmes.

As you have been informed earlier our priorities are as follows:
1. Health
2. Education
3. Empowerment of women and action to bring about gender equality

Village hospital
You will be glad to know that the newly built CHIKITSALAYA (health
care centre/village hospital) was started on 16 July 2013. Since then
it has been serving the villagers in our neighbourhood. Three persons,
a doctor, a nurse and a pharmacist, work in the CHIKITSALAYA.

School for girl
The long and eagerly awaited news now!  The newly started secondary
school for girls is functioning well. Three ladies, two teachers and a
warden for the girls´ hostel are, as expected, taking good care of the school.

The work which was started to empower women having only subservient
positions even in their families has been progressing satisfactorily.

The wall
And another thing. The planned compound wall on the entrance side of the campus is also being constructed. We hope to complete the work before the end of this year, depending on the availability of the required amount of money.

Lack of Caretaker
What we are now worried about is the lack of means to appoint a care
taker of the buildings, a couple of persons to carry out the skill training
activities and a gardener

Some of our friends are fully aware about our needs, but it takes much
time and energy for a non-profit voluntary organization like ours to
get people involved in fund raising activities. Anyway, we will, as usual, continue working to find ways and means to overcome our difficulties.

With warm greetings,
Lucy, Sushil and Rajesh
( The Information Group )

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