Newsletter from Jagriti Vihara 08.02.2011

The first Gram Panchayat (Village Council) Election after the formation of Jharkhand State in the year 2000 took place in December 2010. In spite of threats and sabotage from the maoist group the result of the election was encouraging for the supporters of democracy . The election was on the whole free and fair. Most of the candidates in contact with Jagriti Vihara have won in the election and are now preparing for taking over the responsibility of running Gram Panchayat in adherence to the constitution of India.
   We under the guidance of Jayaji are planning to start courses and seminars on grassroot democracy . We are collecting news and success stories of the states which have been implementing different development schemes through the gram Panchayats . We have already gathered sufficient information and study materials for the courses and seminars. Jayaji is supposed and also very much willing to participate in all the activities but we are not sure if his physical condition will allow him to do all that he wants to do. After returning from Sweden he seems to be very weak and therefore needs much rest to regain his energy. Anyway, his presence is great source of inspiration for both for us at Jagriti Vihara and all the villagers we have been working for.

We are, of course, in the need of increasing the number of workers for Jagriti Vihara but for the time being we have to manage with the present staff and resources . We will, after a few months, present our proposal for retaining the present staff, recruiting afresh a few workers and forging strategies to finance all the necessary activities. We urgently need a skilled and responsible person to take care of the infrastructure at Jagriti Vihara and another experienced gardener to take care of the orchard in our campus. We are also in need of a new Regional Office in Ranchi. At the same time we are aware of the need of replacing all the old and rusted water supply pipelines .

The volleyball groups of girls and boys and the special group of 15 girls at Jagriti Vihara are doing well .The volleyball coach Ms. Polina has been transferred to some other camp. A new coach is expected to join us soon. The special group of girls has a new teacher called Poonam didi . The group’s former teacher Madhu has not returned to Jagriti Vihara as yet. We are also hosting a group of volleyball players who is to take part in the 34th national games which is going to be held in Ranchi between 12th to 26th of February 2011.

We have contacted a few doctors to help us organise an anti malaria camp next week. The date and time will soon be fixed by the doctors.

All of us at Jagriti Vihara think of you and send you our warm greetings,
Lucy, Rajesh and Sushil
Jagriti Vihara

Newsletter from Jagriti Vihara 11.03.2011

JVV Sweden
Dear friends,
We are aware that a meeting of the board members of JVV is going to take place tomorrow, 12th of March 2011. Let us take the opportunity to send you our good wishes for the expected and encouraging success of the meeting. And, at the same time, let us inform you that Jayaji has been making invaluable contributions to the self education camps of the elected newly elected members of the Gram Panchayats of our region. The self education camps of the members of the Gram Panchayats held at Jagriti Vihara yesterday, 10th of March, was very educative and inspiring for all the participants. The members of the panchayats unanimously requested Jayaji to organise a conference of many more panchayats on a large scale. Jagriti Vihara intends to accept the request to organise such a conference at Jagriti Vihara.

We are facing acute shortage of power supply. We cannot afford to run the power generator several hours a day in order to provide water in the kitchen and in the bathrooms of all the three hostels.

Hope all of you are well and sufficiently energetic to continue having concerns about Jagriti Vihara.

With warm greetings,
Rajesh and Sushil

Newsletter from Jagriti Vihara September 2011

Dear friend, Namaste!

We all are fine and engaged in our work. The monsoon is at its peak. It has been raining for the last three weeks. All the rivers and ponds are full of water. It is good for agriculture. People are very happy. They are engaged in their field for agricultural activities. This year we are expecting good crops. The nature is green and clean around Jagriti Vihara.

We had three meetings with the village panchayat members and the education group for democracy. There was a good gatherings. We discussed about the present situation of the state and the country. The village panchayat leaders were worried about the working culture of the government of Jharkhand. The govt. departments have not yet released money for the village council and for the development of villages. They have not fixed even the responsibilities of the village council members. Without money the members are unable to materialize their decisions on ground. They want to play an active and effective role in the development of the society but due to lack of money and unsupportive role of govt. departments they are unable to do any result oriented work at village level. They are very worried. At the end we decided to contact different departments of the govt. and request them to provide money for the development of different schemes at village level. We also discussed the issue of corruption at government level. We have to fight against this evil.

The school children are happily staying at Jagriti Vihara and getting their education. The volleyball children have not yet received money from the sports department. We have made several visits to them but still waiting for their positive response. The sports officer told us that the higher govt. authorities have not released money to sports department till now. We hope to get it soon. For the present we are taking the responsibilities of these children.

The SHGs members are engaged in their business. Most of the members are presently engaged in their field for agricultural activities because of a good monsoon. They are expecting good crops this year. The products of the SHGs are being displayed at the exhibition centre of Jagriti Vihara for the people and the visitors.

Warmest greetings to all of you.
Information group of Jagriti Vihara


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