Newsletter from Jagriti Vihara 24.03.2010

Our Financial year is going to end on 31st of March, 2010. We have now to prepare the Final Accounts and the Annual report to be presented in the Annual meeting of the General Body of Jagriti Vihara. This means that our office has extra work of load during the first half of the month of April. Anyway, just now we take the opportunity of contacting you through this letter.

We remember, with a deep feeling of gratitude, the inspiring visits of our friends connected with the JVV, Sweden. All the inhabitants of Jagriti Vihara including the groups of our pupils send their greetings to Kajsa Perneman, Mrs and Mr. Dejke, Mr. Markku Nykanen and Mr. Ola Friholt. Mr. Friholt stayed with us for three weeks and with our cooperation prepared a new budget for the years 2011 and 2012. We all hope that the budget will be accepted by the Donors and we will continue working to implement the planned projects.

You are probably aware that Indian women have been, for years, struggling to get a Constitution Amendment Bill commonly known as women’s reservation bill passed by our Parliament. The good news for all of us is that the upper house of the Parliament, Rajya Sabha, has already passed the bill by a clear majority.The Bill has now to be passed by the lower house, Lok Sabha. If the bill is passed by the Lok Sabha 33% of the seats in the Parliament will be reserved for women.

The construction work which was started at JV slightly before the arrival of Mr. Friholt has been progressing well and we sincerely hope that the Exhibition Hall and the Fair Trade Centre will be ready in time to welcome the participants of the International Fair Trade Seminar to take place at the ocassion of the birth day celebration of Mahatma Gandhi. The detailed news about this programme will be made available to you in the month of August when Jayaji will be with you in Sweden.

Our region is still in the grip of violence, fear and unrest. Our Government has started an operation against extremists belonging to the Maoist movement in India. This operation is called Green Hunt. The confrontation has resulted as more frightening violence and terror attacks. You can imagine the hardships which our field workers have been facing. All of us, including old and weak Jayaji, have been worried about the future of the poor people victimised by the terrors. Anyway, we are not going to stop our efforts to work for the cause of cherished peace and development needed in the rural areas.

Greetings from the information group of Jagriti Vihara



Newsletter from Jagriti Vihara 05.05.2010

Everything at Jagriti Vihara is fine.

After a long struggle the volleyball team has received some money from the government. The children are still waiting for the money for the last three months. We have written to them many times but no confirmed answer from the government officials. The sports department of the govt. has also not supplied beds, kitchen utensils and play materials to the children. We have approached the concerned authorities and discussed the issue but received only promises. Jagriti Vihara has provided these materials to the children. But we are keeping on the pressure to the govt. department on behalf of the volleyball children.

Today ( 05.05.2010) PLFI , a group of the Naxalites has call for the Jharkhand Bund (close for a Jharkhand). The members of this group are protesting against the police action in their part. Some of their members have been arrested and killed by the police during the search operation in the affected area. This has affected the daily life of the common people in the villages but  not in the cities.This is a small group and they are not so strong  in comparison to the MCC.But people are afraid of going against any of the group and prefer to be at home.

Yesterday,  Rajeshji and Sushilji have visited the Block Development Officer in Chandwa to discuss the development plan for the villagers.The BDO has promised to visit in our area to see the problems of the villagers. We are optimistic that he will make his promises  fulfilled.

All schools and educational centres are closed  for summer vacation. All the children have gone home and they will come back in three weeks.

At last, after a very hot summer a mild shower has given us relief from the heat.The temperature has gone down by 4 - 5 degree at night. Some relief from boiling heat. The meteorological department of India has a forecast of a good monsoon in our country this year. If it happens the farmers will have good crops and the prices of the food materials will go down. But we should remember it is only a forecast. 

The work is in progress at the Exhibition centre of the Assembly Hall and it will be completed in time.

The Gurilla movement in the villages is not so frequent at the moment. They are now hiding due to the  police action in affected area. The situation is calm. We are visiting the villages with our volunteers to see the development work. We are very happy to see that the villagers are always very enthusiastic for the development activities in their villages.

Warm greetings to all the members of the JVV, Sweden

Rajesh and Suman



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