Newsletter fom Jagriti Vihara February 2020

Dear friend,
This year we have experienced an extremely cold winter . It affected the human life deeply. Many people  were admitted to hospital  . The seasonal crops especially vegetables have been  destroyed completely by the  rain and hailstorms. Farmers were worried and disappointed with the situation.  In our meeting with the villagers they expressed their feelings. It was heart touching feelings for us.  We expressed  our concern with the villagers.
 A few days ago we had a meeting with the women group to know about the activities  in the villages. They expressed their opinion in a very positive way. They said that they meet once in a month to  discuss about their social and financial condition. we are very happy to say that they are still working together with the same spirit and enthusiasm. They discuss about the education of their children, activities of the SHGs and health condition of the villagers. They said that the new born children are getting vaccinated against some fatal diseases . Children are getting education in different schools. We are happy  with the discussion and satisfied with their move for development and hope that the future of young generation is  on right direction.  Jagriti Vihara and its volunteers have been playing very important role in bringing awareness in the society to improve the condition of  education and development in the villages.

We have visited two schools and had an interaction programme with the students and teachers. We discussed about the present education system and exam patterns.  They had a group discussions on importance of education in development of the society. It was a good discussion.
Last week the water  pipelines were broken at three places in the campus of Jagriti Vihara. It was very difficult to find a mechanic . Three days we faced water shortage at Jagriti Vihara. After three days we find a mechanic and got it repaired. Now it is working well.

In the meeting of the Board of Jagriti Vihara we again have decided to go ahead with the vision and ideas of  Jayaji . His ideas are very relevant to our society. We are happy that the two old friends of Jayaji are visiting Jagriti Vihara this month. In the absence of Jayaji  the visits of his friends are always very inspiring for us. This visit will also help us strengthen  the cooperation between JVV and JV. We welcome our friends Perji and Markkuji to Jagriti Vihara and looking  forward to seeing them.

With very warm greetings,

Stäng fönstret