Newsletter, Jagriti Vihara 13 mars 2003

Dear Friends, Namste!

Thank you for the news that the Annual meeting of SFIB is going to take place on the 15th instant. We are thankful to the members who are going to attend the meeting and who have been trying to find ways and means to support our organisation.
  Our work has been progressing in accordance with the schedule. We have been finding it extremely difficult to cope with fast rising prices of everything in the market. We have had several hailstorms which have completely destroyed crops in the fields. Even yesterday and the day before we had unexpectedly heavy rains and the hailstorms destroying mud houses of the poors in rural areas of the districts of Ranchi and Latehar. We are pursuading the local Authorities and Administration to start relief work among the victims of the hailstorms.
  At Jagriti Vihara we had an informal meeting to remember the International Women's Day on the 8th March. In this meeting we discussed certain practical steps to support the oppressed and financially weak women of our areas. The photographs showing the proceedings of the seminar on "Crime Against Women", held on 17th Nov. 2002 and on " Self Help Groups of Women" held on 21st Feb. 2003 were circulated.
  The Norwegian visiting groups lead by Mr. Gaute Gunleiksrud, Mr. Trond Berg and Mrs. Gro Christensen attended the seminar on "Self Help Group of Women". The guests appreciated the spirit with which the local women and some men participated in the seminar.
  We have a lot to do during this month of March which is the last month of our financial year. We, therefore, want to be execused for not writing a long letter to greet you during the Annual meeting of SFIB.

Kindly convey our regards to all the members of SFIB who think of us.

for Jagriti Vihara
Suman S. Prasad

Jagriti Vihara
Chandralok Apt.,4th Fl.
Kutchery Road
Ranchi - 834 001
Jharkhand, India


Newsletter from Jagriti Vihara 16 maj 2003
SFIB ( JVV), Sweden

Dear friends,
We are thankful for the financial support to implement our plan for upgrading of the extension project in Ranchi and Latehar districts of Jharkhand.

During the first week of January two of us, Rajesh and Sushil, got together and studied the plan which after being revised and altered in collaboration with Forum Syd became a little too complicated for us to grasp at the first glance. Anyway, we finally noted down the things to be done in accordance with the time schedule.

To train in field work
We announced in certain villages that we needed to engage 8 persons for being trained in field work. It was mentioned in our announcement that at least 4 women could join the group of trainees. In response to this news several men and only three women approached us. The candidates were interviewed to select a group of eight, three women and five men.
   On the 3rd February the selected eight persons joined Jagriti Vihara as trainees. None of the trainees had high academic qualifications and therefore they requested us to prepare a training programme easily comprehensible to them. We readily accepted their proposal and together with them chalked out a suitable programme in simple and distinct language.
    The trainees were divided in two group, group 1 and group 2, after a joint session of introduction and orientation. Thereafter group 1 began visiting villages in Latehar district. Having visited several villages they chose six villages as their field of work. The second group set out to visit certain institutions in Ranchi imparting training in social work , rural development and environmental studies. Their task was to find out the possibility of getting accommodation and joining the training courses in these institutions. Suman helped this group to locate these institutions. After making certain investigations the group felt that to find accommodation in this overcrowded
capital city of Jharkhand was extremely difficult. At the same time the training centres were not in a position to give quick and positive reply. The group returned from Ranchi slightly disappointed but with fresh and encouraging proposal to make arrangements for carrying out the training programme at Jagriti Vihara.

A get together for both the groups was organised at Jagriti Vihara. Rajesh and Sushil participated in the discussion to finalise the venue of the training camp. Both Rajesh and Sushil agreed to function as instructors as they are sufficiently qualified and experienced to work as trainers. About a year ago both Rajesh and Sushil completed the Rural Development course at the Ranchi centre of Indira Gandhi National Open University ( IGNOU). While taking the opportunity to begin the work as scheduled they decided to invite experts from outside to join and guide them at suitable occasions.
   During the last few days of February and the first week of March Group 2 went out to visit villages in Ranchi district and to identify 6 villages as their field of work. During the same period Group 1 was preparing report about their visits and planning the courses for training.

Discussions and studies on Water Conservation
During the period between the 15th and 31st of March Rajesh and Sushil organised discussions and studies on Water Conservation, a subject which they are very well acquainted with. Both the groups participated and took keen interest in the programme. It should be noted that the trainees came from rural areas and therefore were fully aware about the need of water conservation.
   The trainees spent the first half of April in visiting their target villages and to familiarise themselves with the socio- economic conditions of the villages. They made it a point to carefully look at the topography of the area. They interviewed the people to know the opinion of the villagers on the gender issues. They initiated conversations and discussions on issues and problems related to their struggle against wants and hardships and to their wishes for a better future.
   During the second half of April they made efforts to prepare notes about their study tour of the villages. For most of them it was very difficult to express their experiences in writing but their narrations were very interesting and useful for future use. Jagriti Vihara has been a larger family of friends since the trainees joined us.

Heat wave
Our region is in the grip of heat wave now. During the hottest hours of the day none of us is found working in the sun. The shades of the trees in the mango grove are soothing. This is the time to relax a little and to make preparations for working during the rest of the year.
   The amount allocated for this term is being used in accordance with the budget plan. This means that more money will be needed soon.

Dear friends, with this very brief information we wish to keep you in contact with us. While remembering us please keep it in mind that we are working in a State, Jharkhand, gripped by political conflicts and violence. To achieve social justice, peace and progress in this region is our wish.

Greetings from Sushil, Rajesh and Suman,
On behalf of Jagriti Vihara

Newsletter from Jagriti Vihara 28 augusti 2003
Friends of Jagriti Vihara

Dear friends,
Since the beginning of April most of us have devoted our time in carrying out the anti malaria campaign launched by Jagriti Vihara. Four qualified doctors, five nurses and twentyfive volunteers have helped us by participating in holding camps to treat patients severely suffering from malaria. The largest camp to treat about 250 patients was organised at the Health centre in the premises of Jagriti Vihara on the 15th of August. The eight persons getting training under our Extension Programme have also contributed generously to our anti malaria campaign.
   Sushilji and Rajeshji have been busy preparing Watershed Development Programmes to be implemented in four water drainage areas covering twelve remote villages of Latehar District. Survey work, map drawing and preparing technical and financial proposals have been completed. We hope to be able to begin constructing the proposed dams in the beginning of October.
   Our work connected with Nari Jagriti Kendras under the Empowerment of Women Programme has been progressing as usual. Some of the educational activities in the children schools have been reduced as a result of some lady teachers relinquishing their jobs after getting married and shifting to the villages and abodes of their husbands. For quite some time we have been searching for some new lady teachers.
   We are sad to mention that most of the medicinal plants growing in the field adjacent to Sushilji’s quarters died during the severe draught in the month of May. We have once again started planting new seedlings in the small field in front of the Environment Centre in our campus. All members of Jagriti Vihara are full of hope for the growth of the medicinal plants and for the success of our Medicinal Plants Demonstration Scheme.

With greetings,
News & Information Group of JV

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